“Emily’s eye is impeccable! I am someone who finds it very difficult to edit my own work, and she quickly and effectively edited my portfolio. Her advice has been invaluable. She suggested to me effective and insightful ways to promote my work. I am honored to have worked with her, and continue to seek her outstanding career counsel.”

- Whitney Hayes, fashion, NYC

“Emily brought a keen eye for image selection and a knack for storytelling to my book project, Gowanus Wild. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions as she passionately advocated for image choices and edit sequences that took the book to another level. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a thoughtful, supportive and inspiring editor to collaborate with.”

- Miska Draskoczy, fine art, NYC

“Having worked with many talented photo editors during my career, my years collaborating with Emily Shornick stand out. Her encouragement and advice when I was in the field motivated me — and resulted in me making better pictures than I thought I could. I have found that being about to talk intelligently about photographs and to justify editing decisions is a unique ability that is hard to find. Fortunately for me, Emily has it. If you have the chance to work with her, do not hesitate.”

- Landon Nordeman, reportage and fashion, NYC

"Emily's consultation was immediately illuminating, as she was simultaneously honest and supportive of my work from the get-go. The few hours I spent with her gave me new ideas and a full understanding of the direction I needed to go in order to improve my portfolio. The feedback I received sticks with me today."

- Jay Drose, fashion, LA

"I had the chance to work with Emily to do a web edit. She was of great help. She directly understood what I was looking for and added her touch to get the best result. I'm very happy about our collaboration. "

- Guillaume Megevand, travel, Switzerland